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🙋FANGIRL right here


🙋FANGIRL right here

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❝ I never want to change so much that people can’t recognize me. ❞

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spinning like a girl in a brand new dress


spinning like a girl in a brand new dress


she wears short skirts
i wear t-shirts
she’s cheer captain and I


So the new era is truly here right now !!!!!!!!!!!!! I must admit the fact that it will be pop quite afraid me but I must trust Taylor Swift cause this first single is so amazing !!!!! I love the fact she gives us the lyrics we were waiting for, answering to all those haters! Let’s listen to it in repeat until we have another song ;)

I have a very personal theory that may not be true, but on clue n°2 you can see New York maps, a cat, a camera and a card where it is written something like : “…beautiful friends in a beautiful house” (sorry I don’t understand the beginning). So to me, Taylor Swift try to tell us she will talk about friendship:

- cat for Ed Sheeran

- camera for all the selfies she has with friends like karlie kloss or selena gomez or others…

- New York maps because it’s the city she lives in and it’s where all her swifties are waiting for her, through candids or autograph and she said her fans are the best thing in her life

So yes, to me this clue talks about friendship. And about the hour… It’s the only thing I can’t explain in my theory… Let me know what you think about it, please?


so here’s how August is looking for Taylor Swift:

  • August 10th: presenting at the teen choice awards (also might win some awards)
  • August 11th: she might possibly attend The Giver movie red carpet premiere??
  • August 18th: likely to be a live chat revealing a single and album cover/title??
  • August 24th: performing at the VMAs, probably the new single

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